Lies, Dreaming #7 – The Language of Business

We are delighted to launch our seventh podcast on the theme of “The Language of Business”. You can stream it now via Soundcloud:

You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunesAndroid and Stitcher.

Here is a rundown of our contributors:

Frederick “Freddie” Alexander is a writer and events organiser based in Edinburgh. Since 2013 he has been an organiser and host of the Inky Fingers Open Mic night, and has been an organiser of the University of Edinburgh Soapbox Open Mic. In 2014 he coordinated and hosted the second National UK University Poetry Slam, and in 2016 began the K/RK event series with 24 Royal Terrace Hotel. He also writes, sometimes.

With the onset of a mid-life crisis, Suzanne Briggs gave up her career as a secondary school teacher to pursue her love of the arts.  She is now studying full-time for a BA in Applied Music with the University of the Highlands and Islands and has finally gained the creative confidence to share her work publicly.  These days, many of Suzanne’s words become part of her music and she finds it almost impossible to separate the two.  She lives in Shetland with her husband and two children and much of this special place can be found in her work.

David Ralph Lewis is a West Country boy currently living in Staines-Upon-Thames. Yes, the place where Ali G was from. He writes poetry and has written a book of short stories about life in a small rural town called “Amber Stars: One Night of Stories”. When not wasting his days in dreams and fictions, he likes taking photos and dancing badly at gigs. His website is

Roddy Shippin shows promise in some areas, but not the level of professional dedication expected of his role. He is often personable and friendly, but far too easily distracted. He is rarely able to provide concrete development goals or link his performance to core values & behaviours. Timekeeping is also a key area of urgent focus.

Matt Macdonald is a writer, a poet, a call centre monkey, a hope, a dream, an illusion, a total eclipse of the lung and a science fiction solution. Some of these things are true, some are not. More can be found on Twitter @MattMacPoet and Facebook.

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