Lies, Dreaming #5 – Do You Want Fries With That? pt.2

We are delighted to launch our fifth podcast on the theme of “Do You Want Fries With That?”. Here is the second and final part from that theme. You can stream it now via Soundcloud:

You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. Android users should click here instead. Any positive ratings or reviews left on iTunes greatly appreciated.

A second instalment of spoken word based on this theme will be online in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, here is a rundown of our contributors for this podcast:

Ian Richardson has been reading books and comics for years  which prepared him to deal with what he perceives as the random depths of the One Show. He is extremely happy that several of his written pieces have been published recently but still suffers from stage fright when he goes to perform them. Ian still enjoys writing bios in the third person, has given up drinking coffee late at night and sleeps more than he used to. You can find him here@IanRich10562022

Michael McGill is an Edinburgh-based performer who has appeared at Inky Fingers, Blind Poetics, The Accelerator and Last Monday at Rio.  He has also appeared as part of Big Word Performance Poetry and on The Verb on BBC Radio 3.  Recently, he has had work published in RAUM, New Walk, The Haiku Quarterly and on The Open Mouse and Hot Tub Astronaut websites.

Stephen Barnaby was raised by stoats and taught to communicate entirely through fifty snuffly, grunty noises, which he has successfully and randomly rearranged into two pamphlets, Self Loathing Ostrich Tragedy and It was Happy Hour at the Nutty Nun. He has worked hard at expanding his repertoire, culminating in last year’s naked appearances in the videos for ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘Blurred Lines.’ He insists, though, that he is emphatically not the plaything of an industry hell-bent on sexually objectifying bespectacled grey-haired men in their mid-forties. He can be contacted by leaving breadcrumbs in woodland clearings and hiding behind a tree.

Jenna Burns is an English Literature undergraduate at the University of Glasgow. She aspires to be an inspiring storyteller via page and screen. She also dreams of living in London and owning a cat- whichever comes first. She tweets under @Jenna_221b and blogs over at



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